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Steadicam operator since 2010, I started my career as an AC in 2006. The first rig I used was older than me at the time and I loved every minute of struggle to create beautiful images with it. In a couple of years I grew out of it and bought my Steadicam Ultra2. Recently I added Steadicam Volt upgrade to my rig, fully embracing what is best and latest technology in my craft.


Since I started, I shot a couple of hundred TV ads, a few dozen music videos, 3 TV series and 20 feature films.

In 2013, I did my first tour as an assistant instructor in Steadicam International Gold workshops. Since 2021 I teach as regular instructor on gold workshops few times a year. Introducing new comers to the craft which is immensely rewarding.


I still have the same thrill as the first day I put my vest on and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.


I’m available for bookings for feature and short films, TV dramas, commercials, music videos in UK and EU.


I'm an English, French and Turkish speaker.

evrim kaya

steadicam operator

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